Monday, August 13, 2018

Moose seen

Hello Team,

                    Sorry for the delay in between Blogs, I thought i had done one but i obviously had not because there is no record of it, So here we go to catch up to what we have been doing, So we arrived at our friends home Pam and LLews house which is so amazing for them to do for us, We had our Motor Home set up in there back yard and they even provided thirty amp electric. We went on a all day trip sightseeing places our friends took us.and we began the day by stopping for lunch and the Wife got to eat a Lobster Roll, She said it was ok but she said it would be better if it was warm., We then traveled to these huge huge wind turbines up in the mountains on our way to Moose Lake Maine, These turbines are huge and are not very loud for the size and speed of them, after getting video and pictures of them we continued our drive towards Moose Lake while stopping at a couple of sights our friends thought we wold like to see, Upon arriving at Moose lake it was Amazingly beautiful, the Harbor was small for the size of the Lake which was going different directions with coves here and there.with small islands and houses along the banks of the Lake.

                    We walked around the small town and visited several stores eventually ending up at a small ice cream stand where the wife and i got some ice cream. when were finished with our ice cream we walked back to the car and proceeded to a B52c Plane Crash Site Memorial, It was a place where the B52 crashed in Jan of 1968 and most of the wreckage is still on the ground, This was the first Memorial like this i have ever visited like this. It was a educating experience for all of us. We spent almost an hour at this Memorial before leaving for our friends home. On our way we had been looking for Moose in the water swampy areas with no sightings, But on our way down a dirt road and rounded a curve to find a young Bull Moose standing in the middle of the road. We were all excited to have the chance too see a moose., It took about fifteen minutes before the Moose decided to run down the road past the vehicle we were in and ending up turning left into the woods behind us.

                      The next day we left for our next stop which was Bar Harbor Maine, we had reservations at Desert Narrows Rv Resort near Acadia National Park. We enjoyed the beautiful drive through the mountains on our way to the resort. After checking into the resort and setting up we jumped onto a bus which took us around the Acadia National Park, We didnt get off the Bus until we got to the main parking area at the National Park,The bus rides are free and they are sponsored by LLBean , we got onto another bus called the Loop Bus. it took about an half hour to an hour to complete and then we caught the bus back to our resort which stopped right in front of the resort, The next day we caught the bus again and we went to the park entrance and caught a bus to Bar Harbor where we walked from the Park where the buses all dropped off and picked up people , The town was beautiful and clean, A lot of older buildings in the town , As we walked through the town we stopped and ordered a couple of sandwiches for lunch and we sat on the benches provided to set on and ate, After eating we decided to visit the harbor, It was awesome and beautiful, The area is like a park setting with benches everywhere. A nice breeze from the water giving a cool refreshing source of air.

                       After a full day in Bar Harbor we ended up back at our coach for the evening, A day that would be hard to top.The next day was another day of sightseeing from the bus heading to the Northeast Harbor where we made videos of the Harbor and having a picnic lunch we packed for the day a long with our drinks, When we were done we caught the bus back to the resort for the rest of the evening, It was a beautiful day and beautiful sights. we took a couple of days off because of the weekend would be very busy with tourists and hikers. Monday morning we went to the Sand Beach and spent a couple of hours relaxing and doing videos and taking pictures. I hope you all have enjoyed my Blog so far of our Journey, If you have not yet subscribed to our YouTube channel at team terry rving please do so and make sure you hit the little bell so you will be notified when we release our new videos. Thank You for being part of our Team and we will Catch Ya On The Road.