Friday, July 20, 2018

The Beauty Of Maine

Hello Team,

                   Its been a couple of weeks since my last blog and we have been very busy while Kimberly has been working, A lot of strenuous work and a lot of pain in her shoulder and knee from all the heavy lifting at the Campground. We made friends with a couple who worked at the campground also, They took us to the Grocery store so that we could get groceries and also took us on a Tour of Plymouth and Plymouth Rock Mass. Very lucky to have met them.After a couple of days with the Wife getting ill we decided to leave her position at the Campground, We also made the agreement that she was not meant for Work Camping.

                     We called Thousand Trails in Wells Maine at Moody Beach and started our three hour drive North to the campground, After reaching the State of Maine we automatically knew it was a beautiful state. The farther we drove the more beauty there was.When we arrived at Moody Beach Campground, We used the golf cart to go look at several sites, when we agreed on our site we went back to the office and let them know and completed our check in. We got our Motor Coach all setup and made dinner and watched some TV and YouTube Vlogs, We  would do some sightseeing the next day of the area.

                    The morning came early with the two dogs needing to go out and go potty, After coffee we walked out to the Main Street in front of the campground and took a Trolley to a famous doughnut shop called Congdoms Doughnuts and we had breakfast which was good. While we were eating breakfast we decided to take the Trolley to Kennebunkport, It was awesome to travel by the trolley to see all the towns. We took another trolley that took people around the Island and past President Bush's summer home, We were told that if the Texan Flag was flying that he was there.And it was flying near the driveway.It was a great day traveling and sightseeing. We returned back to our coach for the evening and had dinner. We spent four Beautiful days there and it was time to travel north to our friends home in Carmel Maine. It was about a 3 1/2 hour drive and the country where they live is wow, there is no describing it. Well i am going to end this Blog, Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you havent already.Thank You , Catch Ya On The Road.

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