Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Family visits

Hello Team,

                    We have been enjoying visiting with family, We are moochdocking at our Daughters and Tom's house in Newfield NY, We went and helped our Son Ryan and his Fiance get things packed for moving to another house, And while we were there we found out they expecting a child in December,The next day we went and visited with our Son David Jr and his fiance and got to chat with our Grandson Korin, while Kimberly talked with Shay about My Son and Her Wedding in October. We went to a festival in Ithaca NY and listened to a band called NEO Project. They sure had the festival rocking and dancing. We also went to Americana Vineyard to listen to them a week later. Very good time had by us. We went to visit my Mom's Grave and spent just a few minutes because the bugs were terrible and biting. We have been doing a lot of videoing for our YouTube channel.

                   While we are moochdocking its been nice to take in the beautiful sunsets that they get here. Amazing and some are just down right breath taking. I have finally got the Smoothtalker Cell Signal Booster all wired in and it works awesome,Very Happy with it. We also made a Video of installing the snappads on the Motor Home, And we also made a Video of the Potable Briefcase Solar Panel from GoPower Solar. Please watch the videos of both installs. Make sure you subscribe if you haven't yet and comment and give us a thumbs up, Catch Ya On The Road

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