Thursday, May 10, 2018

Week of learning

Hello Team  ,

                             Well it has been a very relaxed week so far here at Cape Point Campground, We have been riding our bikes around to the different spots, store and beaches..I had a very difficult time riding all the way to the store, It was 3 1/2 mile ride and another 3 1/2 miles back. So that meant a lot of stops for breaks. I am wondering if any bike company makes a comfortable seat, The one on my bike kills my but after about 5 minutes.

                             Another thing we are getting used to is saving electricity in our batteries. I use a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea and it draws the batteries down during the night. We plan on installing solar panels on the roof when we can afford the cost of the system. We have found that the Coach motor charges the house batteries better than the generator does. we do run the generator when we work on our computers or takes showers.


                            We will be at he our present location until Thursday and then we take the Ferry to Ocracoke to camp there for two nights. My next  Blog will include everything for our trip, from the Ferry ride to the camping. If you have not subscribed to our website please do and also subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy our videos. Thank You for reading and we will Catch Ya on the Road.

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