Monday, May 28, 2018

Two weeks of R & R

Hello Team,

                    We have been at Lake Gaston RV  Resort now for 2 weeks and the first few days it rained almost everyday, We have been waiting for the pool  to open, I received a package from a Company called Mobile Communication , We made a video for our YouTube channel showing everything that was in the box. Then i placed the antenna on the roof and ran the coax in through the side of coach near the driver so we can install the booster on the wall near the coax. We need to have another 12 volt outlet to install to power the booster. We have been running several speed test of this booster with very good results. I have also been communicating with other Companies about testing there products.They will be talked about when and if they accept our offer.

                    I received a full set of pads for our Leveling Jacks from a Company Called Snappad, These are very solid heavy duty pad s made of rubber which attach to the leveling jacks and stay hooked to them, saving myself from having to crawl under the coach to place boards under the leveling jacks. I spoke with owner on the phone about having a hard time getting down and doing this and he sent me a set of the pads to use. I have not installed these pads yet , I will be doing a video for our YouTube channel when we get to Pennsylvania. 

                   We went swimming yesterday in the pool to cool after sun tanning, very refreshing. We will be leaving Sunday for the drive north to Pennsylvania. we are going to avoid Washington DC and Baltimore MD by taking back roads. We will be staying at our Nieces homes and then we will driving to Upstate NY to see our children and grand kids. So our next Blog will be from NY. I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day and let us not forget the men and women who gave there lives for us. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our videos.

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