Friday, May 18, 2018

Here we go!

Hello Team,

                   Well it has been a busy week with relaxing and excitement and learning. While we setting relaxing on the beach, a man was fishing up the beach from us and we noticed that he was reeling something in while being easy with the pulling and reeling of his fishing pole, He would walk close to the water crank his reel fast and then step backwards on the beach to help him bring what ever was on the end of his line, He then started following the fish or whatever it was down the beach towards us, other people fishing reeled in there lines so they wouldn't tangle with his, after about 35 minutes he finally got the 150 pound blacktip shark onto the beach, after pictures and removing the hook they helped the shark back into the water.

                  Another learning time trying to understand how to keep the batteries charged for the coach to use for lighting and using to run the water pump, i tried using my CPAP machine but the batteries would not last long enough, We left our camp site at Cape Point and drove South to take our Coach onto a Ferry to a small island called Ocracoke. It was about an hour and a half long ride to the island. we went and found our camp site and setup. nice area with large sandy beaches. After three days we were off for another Ferry ride to Swans Quarter. We had to be at the Ferry loading area in Ocracoke by 6:30 am to load onto the Ferry, It was a very smooth beautiful ride, The ride was 2 1/2 hours long. Upon arriving to Swans Quarter they unloaded all the vehicles , We drove to a Camp Ground RV Resort County Cross roads.It was very hot so we got a site to hookup to electric and cool off in the AC.

                  The next morning we drove for another 20 minutes to our next Campground called Lake Gaston RV Resort. We drove in and found the site we wanted and backed in , setup the Coach and then went and checked in. We will be here the next two weeks. We hope everyone on the team are fine and in good health, We want you to subscribe if you haven't already and watch our videos on team terry rving. Catch Ya On The Road

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