Monday, May 28, 2018

Two weeks of R & R

Hello Team,

                    We have been at Lake Gaston RV  Resort now for 2 weeks and the first few days it rained almost everyday, We have been waiting for the pool  to open, I received a package from a Company called Mobile Communication , We made a video for our YouTube channel showing everything that was in the box. Then i placed the antenna on the roof and ran the coax in through the side of coach near the driver so we can install the booster on the wall near the coax. We need to have another 12 volt outlet to install to power the booster. We have been running several speed test of this booster with very good results. I have also been communicating with other Companies about testing there products.They will be talked about when and if they accept our offer.

                    I received a full set of pads for our Leveling Jacks from a Company Called Snappad, These are very solid heavy duty pad s made of rubber which attach to the leveling jacks and stay hooked to them, saving myself from having to crawl under the coach to place boards under the leveling jacks. I spoke with owner on the phone about having a hard time getting down and doing this and he sent me a set of the pads to use. I have not installed these pads yet , I will be doing a video for our YouTube channel when we get to Pennsylvania. 

                   We went swimming yesterday in the pool to cool after sun tanning, very refreshing. We will be leaving Sunday for the drive north to Pennsylvania. we are going to avoid Washington DC and Baltimore MD by taking back roads. We will be staying at our Nieces homes and then we will driving to Upstate NY to see our children and grand kids. So our next Blog will be from NY. I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day and let us not forget the men and women who gave there lives for us. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our videos.

smoothtalker install cell phone booster

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ferry Ocracoke NC to Swan Quarter NC S1 V26

New Ferry ride, we enjoyed this ferry very much nice smooth ride. subscribe to keep the video coming we love making them💕😊

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

10 RV Mistakes you need to to Avoid S1 V25

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ocracoke Island National Seashore Campground NC S1 V24

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Here we go!

Hello Team,

                   Well it has been a busy week with relaxing and excitement and learning. While we setting relaxing on the beach, a man was fishing up the beach from us and we noticed that he was reeling something in while being easy with the pulling and reeling of his fishing pole, He would walk close to the water crank his reel fast and then step backwards on the beach to help him bring what ever was on the end of his line, He then started following the fish or whatever it was down the beach towards us, other people fishing reeled in there lines so they wouldn't tangle with his, after about 35 minutes he finally got the 150 pound blacktip shark onto the beach, after pictures and removing the hook they helped the shark back into the water.

                  Another learning time trying to understand how to keep the batteries charged for the coach to use for lighting and using to run the water pump, i tried using my CPAP machine but the batteries would not last long enough, We left our camp site at Cape Point and drove South to take our Coach onto a Ferry to a small island called Ocracoke. It was about an hour and a half long ride to the island. we went and found our camp site and setup. nice area with large sandy beaches. After three days we were off for another Ferry ride to Swans Quarter. We had to be at the Ferry loading area in Ocracoke by 6:30 am to load onto the Ferry, It was a very smooth beautiful ride, The ride was 2 1/2 hours long. Upon arriving to Swans Quarter they unloaded all the vehicles , We drove to a Camp Ground RV Resort County Cross roads.It was very hot so we got a site to hookup to electric and cool off in the AC.

                  The next morning we drove for another 20 minutes to our next Campground called Lake Gaston RV Resort. We drove in and found the site we wanted and backed in , setup the Coach and then went and checked in. We will be here the next two weeks. We hope everyone on the team are fine and in good health, We want you to subscribe if you haven't already and watch our videos on team terry rving. Catch Ya On The Road

Monday, May 14, 2018

Shark blacktip OBX Season 1 V22

Fishermen Joe Cerino from CT pulled in this 150 lb blacktip shark on the OBX took him about 35 min then he released him back into the Ocean. the beaches at the Outer Banks wonderful.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Oh boy Brides to the OBX Season 1 V20

Traveling to the OBX and Asphalt Boondocking Season 1 V19

Thousand Trails The Oaks at point south SC Season 1 V18

Anastasia State Park FL- bird with fish in a tree- Season 1 V17

Week of learning

Hello Team  ,

                             Well it has been a very relaxed week so far here at Cape Point Campground, We have been riding our bikes around to the different spots, store and beaches..I had a very difficult time riding all the way to the store, It was 3 1/2 mile ride and another 3 1/2 miles back. So that meant a lot of stops for breaks. I am wondering if any bike company makes a comfortable seat, The one on my bike kills my but after about 5 minutes.

                             Another thing we are getting used to is saving electricity in our batteries. I use a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea and it draws the batteries down during the night. We plan on installing solar panels on the roof when we can afford the cost of the system. We have found that the Coach motor charges the house batteries better than the generator does. we do run the generator when we work on our computers or takes showers.


                            We will be at he our present location until Thursday and then we take the Ferry to Ocracoke to camp there for two nights. My next  Blog will include everything for our trip, from the Ferry ride to the camping. If you have not subscribed to our website please do and also subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy our videos. Thank You for reading and we will Catch Ya on the Road.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Windshield time

Hello From Team Terry,

                                    Well it has been a very busy week for Team Terry with all of the traveling we have done. We stayed at Tomoka State Park overnight and drove up A1A up to Flagler Beach State Park, What a beautiful drive it was traveling along side of the Atlantic Ocean, We had a beautiful campsite and we got to do some bike riding from our campsite to the beach which was about a 10 minute ride, My wife and i walked the beach together while she did some videos for our You Tube channel,, We spent two nights at this beautiful Park before driving north up A1A to Anastasia State Park in St.Augustine Florida for two nights. The site we had was in the wooded area with a lot of shade, We went on another bike ride from our site to the beach which is located inside the Park. We spent some time on the beach looking for shells and sharks teeth and a some photo taking.

                                 Our next traveling was north up I 95 to to The oaks of Point South,It was a nice drive with a lot more traffic than i had intended for a week day, When we finally got to our exit our GPS misdirected me again ,taking me to the wrong place, Thankfully the place had a large parking lot so we could turn the coach around, We found the street where i had to turn and made it to the Camp ground where we would be spending two nights. we did some laundry while here and got all rested up for our next travel day to Wilson North Carolina, where we spent the night in the RV parking at  the Flying J Truck Stop. When we woke up the next morning it was 38 degrees in the coach,brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. After thawing out some i walked into the truck stop and bought coffee for the two of us and proceeded back to the coach to get ready for our drive to the Outer Banks for our next couple of weeks of Camping.

                                Our drive to the Outer Banks was nice until we got to the first of three Bridges we had to cross to get to the Outer Banks, the first wasnt too bad except the cross winds that were blowing, I had a tight grip on the steering wheel because the wind wanted to blow the coach of the bridge. the second bridge was even worse because it was so High up that the wind was real strong and going off the bridge it was rough making the front of the coach to bounce up and down, And the third bridge was even worse because it only had one lane open to get across it and it was very tight, Well after having all the fun of the bridges, NOT, we drove south to Cape Point Campground which is a Federal Campground on Cape Hatteras, It has no hookups of any type here, we will be here for a week before taking a Ferry to our next Campground, Thank You for reading my blog and dont for get to subscribe to our website and subscribe to our YouTube Channel of team terry rving. Catch Ya on the Road