Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sunday Morning

Hello Team Terry,  

                          Sunday morning at 10:30 we left our home in Brooksville Florida for the first leg of our East Coast Journey, Our first stop was in Port Orange Florida to see my Dad who is in a Assisted Living Facility, I wanted to say hi before leaving, I had a nice visit with him and we then drove to Tomoka State Park in Ormond Beach Florida, The street leading to the Park was not only narrow but had a lot of low trees overhanging the street, We checked in at the Ranger Station for the Campground and started for the campsite, The spot was very nice and clean, It was a very Tight spot to back into , My Wife Kimberly guided me into our spot with no problem.We got the coach leveled and then i hooked up the power and water, no septic here so no stinky slinky. 

                            While i was setting up my Wife took the dogs for a walk so they could go potty, After we had the coach all set up she made some late lunch for us. After lunch we went for a walk with the dogs around the campground area so they could get some exercise and enjoy the walk, This Campground is beautiful and quiet. We are only here for one night and then onto another spot tomorrow. Please share this blog and join our team if you haven't already.

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