Sunday, April 8, 2018

Pre-check and organizing

Hello Team, We have been very busy going to the VA for Dave's Doctors Appt., we have been busy loading clothes into the coach, Kimberly has been busy organizing cabinets in the kitchen and bedroom in the coach, we have been checking the coach motor and all fluids and greasing all fittings.. we have had a problem with the steps, it bends down when you step on them, I found that the motor and drive system is loose under the coach, meaning when we get back home from the journey it will need to be fixed, until that happens we will put wood blocks under the steps to support them. Our Youtube channel has been slow taking off which we hope will get a lot more subscribers than we have now, We have been putting new videos on twice a week with what we have done and been busy doing, We have posted on our blog that we were starting our journey on April 25 , and now we are leaving the 23rd of April. We are both super excited about leaving and the journey from Florida to Maine. Make sure if you havent already to go to Youtube and subscribe to our channel. Have a Great Week and we will Catch Ya on the Road

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