Monday, April 16, 2018

We have been very busy preparing for our journey

Hello From Team Terry,

                                     We have been very busy preparing for our journey, I found out what was going on with the steps on the coach, i had to replace the floor that the steps are attached to, What a Pain this was, Of course i have a very mello (not) temper especially when you cut your head wide open from hitting it on the steps, I also reinforced the steps with braces to help with the strength of the steps support platform. We washed the Coach and got off all the dirt from the storage compound where it sat for a couple of weeks, Tried to wax and buff it but the wax sucks that i bought to do the job. We also fixed a section of the floor on the slide where it was not holding, We also put shelves in the cabinets over the bed, which saves a lot of room.

                                     Our next stressful job was to explore all the mail forwarding companies so we can get mail forwarded to us while on our journey, We ended up using a company called St. Brendan's Isle in Green Cove Springs Fl. We went to a Print Shack in Brooksville Fl and they made our lettering to put on the front and back of the coach, we also had some stickers made for the front side windows with Team Terry Rving on them. We had a fun time measuring and installing these on the coach, the Vlog will show the lettering . The days are flying by and we are very excited as well as our friends that have heard what we are doing. I hope if you see us on the road stop and say Hello, We appreciate all of the team. Until Next time Catch ya on the road.

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