Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sunday Morning

Hello Team Terry,  

                          Sunday morning at 10:30 we left our home in Brooksville Florida for the first leg of our East Coast Journey, Our first stop was in Port Orange Florida to see my Dad who is in a Assisted Living Facility, I wanted to say hi before leaving, I had a nice visit with him and we then drove to Tomoka State Park in Ormond Beach Florida, The street leading to the Park was not only narrow but had a lot of low trees overhanging the street, We checked in at the Ranger Station for the Campground and started for the campsite, The spot was very nice and clean, It was a very Tight spot to back into , My Wife Kimberly guided me into our spot with no problem.We got the coach leveled and then i hooked up the power and water, no septic here so no stinky slinky. 

                            While i was setting up my Wife took the dogs for a walk so they could go potty, After we had the coach all set up she made some late lunch for us. After lunch we went for a walk with the dogs around the campground area so they could get some exercise and enjoy the walk, This Campground is beautiful and quiet. We are only here for one night and then onto another spot tomorrow. Please share this blog and join our team if you haven't already.

Monday, April 16, 2018

We have been very busy preparing for our journey

Hello From Team Terry,

                                     We have been very busy preparing for our journey, I found out what was going on with the steps on the coach, i had to replace the floor that the steps are attached to, What a Pain this was, Of course i have a very mello (not) temper especially when you cut your head wide open from hitting it on the steps, I also reinforced the steps with braces to help with the strength of the steps support platform. We washed the Coach and got off all the dirt from the storage compound where it sat for a couple of weeks, Tried to wax and buff it but the wax sucks that i bought to do the job. We also fixed a section of the floor on the slide where it was not holding, We also put shelves in the cabinets over the bed, which saves a lot of room.

                                     Our next stressful job was to explore all the mail forwarding companies so we can get mail forwarded to us while on our journey, We ended up using a company called St. Brendan's Isle in Green Cove Springs Fl. We went to a Print Shack in Brooksville Fl and they made our lettering to put on the front and back of the coach, we also had some stickers made for the front side windows with Team Terry Rving on them. We had a fun time measuring and installing these on the coach, the Vlog will show the lettering . The days are flying by and we are very excited as well as our friends that have heard what we are doing. I hope if you see us on the road stop and say Hello, We appreciate all of the team. Until Next time Catch ya on the road.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Pre-check and organizing

Hello Team, We have been very busy going to the VA for Dave's Doctors Appt., we have been busy loading clothes into the coach, Kimberly has been busy organizing cabinets in the kitchen and bedroom in the coach, we have been checking the coach motor and all fluids and greasing all fittings.. we have had a problem with the steps, it bends down when you step on them, I found that the motor and drive system is loose under the coach, meaning when we get back home from the journey it will need to be fixed, until that happens we will put wood blocks under the steps to support them. Our Youtube channel has been slow taking off which we hope will get a lot more subscribers than we have now, We have been putting new videos on twice a week with what we have done and been busy doing, We have posted on our blog that we were starting our journey on April 25 , and now we are leaving the 23rd of April. We are both super excited about leaving and the journey from Florida to Maine. Make sure if you havent already to go to Youtube and subscribe to our channel. Have a Great Week and we will Catch Ya on the Road

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Week of Camping, visiting, loving on your Grandkids

Hello Team Terry Members, We have been busy working on the Coach getting ready for the East Coast trip, We took a short trip to the Orlando Resort in Clermont Fl to spend a week while our kids and Grand Children were visiting from Upstate New York, We figured it would be easier and closer to visit them more often. We had to make a couple of trips home due to Doctors appointments. We enjoy the Thousand Trails Campground Resort here, We enjoyed the hot tub for awhile to relax our old bones and muscles and get rid of the aches and pains. We were able to use the new composting toilet that we installed in the coach, We are very Happy with the decision to install a Natures Head Composting Toilet. We also were a lot more comfortable this trip due to us putting in the Rocking Recliners in place of the uncomfortable couch that we sat on the first few trips we made.I am getting used to the handling of the Coach as all RVers know you have to get use to. The biggest thing is the Safe operation of a RV., I know i get tired of keeping a safe distance from the Vehicle in front of me and everyone passing and cutting right in front of you, making you jam on the brakes. I cant believe that they cant see my coach as big as it is. We bought some vinyl flooring for the floor on the slide in the coach, During the camping trip it started to move and would not stay in place, We have made a decision to remove it and replace it with interlocking vinyl flooring. When we returned home on Wednesday evening it was nice to be home except for unloading everything for only a short time. We leave on April 25th for our 7 month trip on the East Coast. Florida to Maine. We are very excited to do this trip and the other trips we have planned. Please make sure to follow our trip as we start out on our adventure with the team, we have three cats,two dogs and two birds that we will have with us on our journey it is going to be fun watching the team adjust to traveling, Thank You Team Terry We just started up Patreon please join the team by seeing only seen on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/teamterryrving