Friday, March 9, 2018

Maiden Voyage we survived Season 1 V05

Hello from Team Terry, Well i left off about having trouble with the back right leveling jack, I crawled under the coach and sprayed some lube on the exposed shaft on the jack.i did not test it after i did this until the morning we left, and it actually returned to the stowed position, I try to do the same things the same way every time we break down camp and get ready to leave. we really enjoyed the Jonathan Dickenson State Park , we drove through and looked at the two different bike trails they have made here at the campground, one is paved for a smooth ride and the other is a cross country rough and tough course, looked pretty cool with the jumps and high bank curves. we took the dogs for a nice walk and both were very well behaved, Mylaya is a wild women when bikes ride by, but they enjoyed the walk. we ended up spending 5 days there.We watched the rocket launch from our site, this never gets old. Wednesday was laundry day and then Thursday morning was our day to leave, We took a different route home and enjoyed the scenic views of our route. We spent the night in the Orlando Resort and got up the next morning and drove the rest of the way home. the drive home was awesome and we enjoyed our drive to our home, we stopped at our home and unloaded the kids back into the house before taking the coach to the storage area. Saturday I removed the sky light dome off the roof and Kimberly cleaned it before i put it back on the roof and sealed it up with dicor sealant. Then I did a check a walk around safety check on Sunday and when I checked the tires i found weather cracking that was not visible before i bought it, Just what we needed, I started to look on the internet for tires and the reason for the tires to weather crack like this. Michelin tires at there finest from every story I read about. Well this morning we were suppose to be leaving for Port St Joe to camp for four days, Well we did not go because the tires are not safe enough to drive with all the weather cracking.. So this morning I made several calls looking for the best price and tire as possible. I found 6 tires for an awesome price and have to get them put on. Then my Wife had her Laptop freeze up while she was editing, after 4 long hours on the phone we took it to Best Buy and they decided that the hard drive decided to die. 23 days old , i was a little upset about the 15 day return deal,. We made an appointment to speak with the Geeks, After all the bad news they ended up sending it out for a new hard drive and they were also saving all of our files and videos. Thank You Best Buy, Have an Awesome week everyone and I will catch you all later. Dave and Kimberly

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