Monday, February 5, 2018

1st night - week 1 camping - Oh Boy this is fun!

Hello Team Terry RVing team mates, We have been busy getting the coach ready to travel, we are making the coach feel like home and making it ours. We have installed new backsplash in the kitchen and Panting the valance behind the sink. We have also put up some decorative wall hangings. I had to do a small amount of electrical work on the rear lights. We drove the coach to our house to load it for our first trip, I have to say it took a lot longer to load the coach than I thought it would, never new we would need some many things. 3 hours later and many trips from the house to the coach and back we are ready to fire Pebbles up and hit the road for Orlando Resorts in Clermont Fl. Starting out seemed to be normal and getting used to the handling and braking of the coach. I felt comfortable after a few miles and was looking forward to getting to our first spot. After driving truck for many years I forgot how many people out there are in a big hurry to get to where they are going, two times I had to grab the brakes because of Idiots cutting in front of me or pulling out in front of me. I use some nice words which I think everyone uses when this happens. So we arrive at Orlando Resorts which is a Thousand Trails Camping Resort, I walk in and get registered and drive in to find a site for the night, we found a nice site and get leveled , I go out And hook up the water, and then electric, after seeing so many RV vlogs on YouTube about using the surge guard protector to protect the coach's electric system we purchased one and I am so glad we did, when I hooked it up to the power panel it showed that there was a open ground somewhere. I had to end up using the 30 amp service for the night. We slid out the slide and got ready for for our first dinner in the coach at the first campground for team terry rving. We went to bed awoke early for some reason, My wife made coffee and I took the dogs out to go potty and clean up afterwards, around 9:30 am we started to put everything way and secure it so it didn't fly out while driving, Kimberly brought the slide in and I brought the leveling Jack's up and retrieved my wood pads I made for under the Jack's. So , we are on our way out of the resort and a very nice older gentleman was running and screaming at us. So I stop and he let us know our TV antenna was still up. I am so glad he caught us,. We headed for our next stop which was Walmart, tight spots and tons of people everywhere, very large store, found everything I had a text for except vinegar. So we are finally heading for the spot we will spend the next week at. Very nice scenery during our drive, we went by the orange juice plant , it was huge,and a lot of orange groves nearby. Then I had my hands full, the wind started to blow very hard. It wanted to blow the. Coach off the highway, we finally reached Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound Florida. I was listening to the GPS and it said t was on the left and it was actually on the right. So another u turn. And back to the entrance to the park , I go in and check in and get our spot, drive right to the site and back in, beautiful raked site and clean, I mad another mistake by backing in and getting set up before noticing i was to close to the post that I couldn't open the slide. So when I went to retract the Jack's up the right rear would not move, so I had to crawl under the coach and help it retract. Well all worked out to our favor. Tomorrow I will be looking at it to see what's wrong with it. Thank You for reading my blog and leave a comment and also visit TeamtTerryRVing at YouTube and subscribe to our channel there and become a member of the team. we have several video's posted and we would appreciate you going along with us on our journey. Thanks Again Team Terry RVing - Dave and Kimberly