Thursday, January 25, 2018

We did it!

Hello Everyone, it's been awhile since we have checked with everybody, we have been planning on purchasing an RV and to start traveling around the Country. Well we purchased a 2000 Damon UltraSport which is a diesel pusher. We have been busy getting the RV set up for our likes of what and how we want it. We are doing a video of what we have done and it is a true video.we feel people want the real teamterryrving, We are hoping that our YouTube channel grows with the videos , If you have friends tell them to check out our page. We are real excited about the traveling we are going to do and all the learning and growing that's ahead of us. Thank You for your support and we will be updating our Facebook page daily so you can follow along, If your not part of the team join and subscribe to our YouTube channel and become a team player . The YouTube channel is teamterryrving. Thank You from teamterryrving.

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