Monday, January 29, 2018

1st week of having the Coach

Hello Everyone, thought I would give everyone a update of our start of an adventure we have been planning for 2 years, we were tired of all the programs on TV and we decided to watch a youtube video about a couple rving full time, We were hooked about the possibility of doing the same thing before my Health became worse, We started watching all the video logs from this couple and found another young couple from Alaska who travel the whole winter in the Lower 48 states, So we started taking in all of the awesome information and learning what was needed to do this type of travel and living, We started getting information about free camping that is offered in the United States. We have learned that it is not as easy to just hook up and go with very little work. we shopped several Months and looked and drove several Motor homes before we finally decided on our motor coach, We purchased a 2000 Damon Ultra sport aka Pebbles, It is 35 !/2 foot long and is powered by a cummings diesel engine. we thought it was going to be an easy process to register and insure it for use, Wrong answer, the insurance quotes scared me and we already informed the man we would buy it. We ended up using our own insurance company that we have had for over 12 years and are very Happy with them, So our next stop was to register it, Well in Florida you have to have the VIN# on the title verified against the VIN# on the Coach if it is registered in another state other than Florida, We were going to drive back to the Motor Vehicle Department we use , but my Wife said that we should register it near the man's home we bought it from, Thankfully I actually listened to my Wife because I had to have the owner bring the Coach to the Motor Vehicle Department to be verified because it was registered in Wisconsin. So after spending over a thousand bucks we were the new owners of this Coach, I drove the Coach home, and it was a Joy learning to drive it, I kept driving in the other lane thinking I was in my own lane, We paid for a storage spot at the community we live in. We parked it in the storage compound and we decided that we needed new back splash and other upgrades done to the Coach. we tried doing the back splash first with vinyl flooring to do a wood look, strike one, didn't look good so back to Lowes we went to return the flooring and to purchase the back splash we currently have. We have spent a total of six hours working on it and only have one piece up, nothing seems to go smooth when trying to get the correct cuts. My Wife is painting the Valance's in the Coach so they meet our design idea's. So Far So Good. I wanted to put 2x10's under the wheels so it doesn't set in the sand all the time, So i told my Wife it was a good time to learn to drive the Coach, She was very nervous and said no, I showed her how to start the Coach and how to release the air parking brake and to use the brakes, She did an amazing job driving it forward and the backing it up onto the blocks I made for it to set on. We took the Coach to a glass shop yesterday so they can replace the glass on the entrance door because it was very clouded up due to it leaking over the years. They called me this morning to let me know they had to order new glass for it because the original glass became etched and not very clear. i told them to order the new glass and they said they would put the old glass back in so we can use it for a week or so while waiting for the new glass to come in. We also still have to complete the backsplash and painting still so at the least we will get to camp a few days before we have to take it back for the new glass. We are very excited about our new adventure and are planning to travel up the East Coast and doing Vlogs on youtube and we would appreciate it if everyone would subscribe to our channel of teamterryrving on youtube to watch our adventure, Our video's are going to be real life, no practicing or scripts, there will be mistakes and other problems in our videos but this is real life, We hope you all follow along and enjoy. Don't forget To Subcribe and join the team, Thank You Dave and Kimberly from teamterryrving

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