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Monday, August 13, 2018

Moose seen

Hello Team,

                    Sorry for the delay in between Blogs, I thought i had done one but i obviously had not because there is no record of it, So here we go to catch up to what we have been doing, So we arrived at our friends home Pam and LLews house which is so amazing for them to do for us, We had our Motor Home set up in there back yard and they even provided thirty amp electric. We went on a all day trip sightseeing places our friends took us.and we began the day by stopping for lunch and the Wife got to eat a Lobster Roll, She said it was ok but she said it would be better if it was warm., We then traveled to these huge huge wind turbines up in the mountains on our way to Moose Lake Maine, These turbines are huge and are not very loud for the size and speed of them, after getting video and pictures of them we continued our drive towards Moose Lake while stopping at a couple of sights our friends thought we wold like to see, Upon arriving at Moose lake it was Amazingly beautiful, the Harbor was small for the size of the Lake which was going different directions with coves here and there.with small islands and houses along the banks of the Lake.

                    We walked around the small town and visited several stores eventually ending up at a small ice cream stand where the wife and i got some ice cream. when were finished with our ice cream we walked back to the car and proceeded to a B52c Plane Crash Site Memorial, It was a place where the B52 crashed in Jan of 1968 and most of the wreckage is still on the ground, This was the first Memorial like this i have ever visited like this. It was a educating experience for all of us. We spent almost an hour at this Memorial before leaving for our friends home. On our way we had been looking for Moose in the water swampy areas with no sightings, But on our way down a dirt road and rounded a curve to find a young Bull Moose standing in the middle of the road. We were all excited to have the chance too see a moose., It took about fifteen minutes before the Moose decided to run down the road past the vehicle we were in and ending up turning left into the woods behind us.

                      The next day we left for our next stop which was Bar Harbor Maine, we had reservations at Desert Narrows Rv Resort near Acadia National Park. We enjoyed the beautiful drive through the mountains on our way to the resort. After checking into the resort and setting up we jumped onto a bus which took us around the Acadia National Park, We didnt get off the Bus until we got to the main parking area at the National Park,The bus rides are free and they are sponsored by LLBean , we got onto another bus called the Loop Bus. it took about an half hour to an hour to complete and then we caught the bus back to our resort which stopped right in front of the resort, The next day we caught the bus again and we went to the park entrance and caught a bus to Bar Harbor where we walked from the Park where the buses all dropped off and picked up people , The town was beautiful and clean, A lot of older buildings in the town , As we walked through the town we stopped and ordered a couple of sandwiches for lunch and we sat on the benches provided to set on and ate, After eating we decided to visit the harbor, It was awesome and beautiful, The area is like a park setting with benches everywhere. A nice breeze from the water giving a cool refreshing source of air.

                       After a full day in Bar Harbor we ended up back at our coach for the evening, A day that would be hard to top.The next day was another day of sightseeing from the bus heading to the Northeast Harbor where we made videos of the Harbor and having a picnic lunch we packed for the day a long with our drinks, When we were done we caught the bus back to the resort for the rest of the evening, It was a beautiful day and beautiful sights. we took a couple of days off because of the weekend would be very busy with tourists and hikers. Monday morning we went to the Sand Beach and spent a couple of hours relaxing and doing videos and taking pictures. I hope you all have enjoyed my Blog so far of our Journey, If you have not yet subscribed to our YouTube channel at team terry rving please do so and make sure you hit the little bell so you will be notified when we release our new videos. Thank You for being part of our Team and we will Catch Ya On The Road.

Friday, July 20, 2018

The Beauty Of Maine

Hello Team,

                   Its been a couple of weeks since my last blog and we have been very busy while Kimberly has been working, A lot of strenuous work and a lot of pain in her shoulder and knee from all the heavy lifting at the Campground. We made friends with a couple who worked at the campground also, They took us to the Grocery store so that we could get groceries and also took us on a Tour of Plymouth and Plymouth Rock Mass. Very lucky to have met them.After a couple of days with the Wife getting ill we decided to leave her position at the Campground, We also made the agreement that she was not meant for Work Camping.

                     We called Thousand Trails in Wells Maine at Moody Beach and started our three hour drive North to the campground, After reaching the State of Maine we automatically knew it was a beautiful state. The farther we drove the more beauty there was.When we arrived at Moody Beach Campground, We used the golf cart to go look at several sites, when we agreed on our site we went back to the office and let them know and completed our check in. We got our Motor Coach all setup and made dinner and watched some TV and YouTube Vlogs, We  would do some sightseeing the next day of the area.

                    The morning came early with the two dogs needing to go out and go potty, After coffee we walked out to the Main Street in front of the campground and took a Trolley to a famous doughnut shop called Congdoms Doughnuts and we had breakfast which was good. While we were eating breakfast we decided to take the Trolley to Kennebunkport, It was awesome to travel by the trolley to see all the towns. We took another trolley that took people around the Island and past President Bush's summer home, We were told that if the Texan Flag was flying that he was there.And it was flying near the driveway.It was a great day traveling and sightseeing. We returned back to our coach for the evening and had dinner. We spent four Beautiful days there and it was time to travel north to our friends home in Carmel Maine. It was about a 3 1/2 hour drive and the country where they live is wow, there is no describing it. Well i am going to end this Blog, Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you havent already.Thank You , Catch Ya On The Road.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

New York and heading to Carver Ma

Hello Team,

                          Well its been a couple of weeks since i have done a posting, We have been busy getting ready to leave New York and heading to Carver Ma. for a Work Camper job for the Wife. It is always hard saying good bye to family,But we will be returning to New York in October to attend Our Sons wedding October 20. Our drive from New York to Carver Ma. was like most drives in the Northeast, The roads and Highways are very rough on I 90. That really puzzles me to question what they do with all the money they charge to drive on it, They sure dont use it on the surface of the highway. We drove to a small town of Lee to a State Park in Ma. called October Mountain, It was a small campground no electric ,septic or water, they do have a dump station and trash. We are not comfortable to stay at a Walmart yet. The next morning it was about a three hour drive to Carver Ma. where we will be until the first week of October.

                            We made a stop to  Super Walmart to do some shopping for food and supplies , We traveled the same highway which was I 90 and there were sections of the Mass Pike thatt you had to almost crawl over these speed humps they left on the highway after they ground the highway. I felt it was a very dangerous highway and again a high price to drive on junk highways. after about a 1 1/2 hour drive doing this slowing down practice we made it to Shady Acres Campground in Carver Mass. We got all checked in and got set up in a new section of the campground, The campground is located next to a State Forrest and cranberry bogs. Last night our new friends were so very nice and took us to Plymouth Mass and took us to a store called Market Basket.

                              The store was amazing, and the prices were awesome. They have a huge selection of the store brands plus name brand things, They have a butcher section, Bakery section,and a large Veggie section. We will be returning to the store for groceries again. The first week for the Wife working has been very busy and challenging physical strengths.  The weather here was nice the first few days and then it got very humid for the past few days. Looking forward to it cooling off again. We will be posting another blog next Sunday, Thank You for reading my blogs and if you havent already make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. we are making videos a few times a week. Catch Ya On The Road

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Farm Fresh Egg & how to check to see if they are good to eat S1 Vlo40

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Moochdocking at Tom's & our daughter Amanda's S1 Vlo38

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Friday, June 15, 2018

NEO Project Band at the Ithaca Fest NY 2018 S1 Vlo37

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Family visits

Hello Team,

                    We have been enjoying visiting with family, We are moochdocking at our Daughters and Tom's house in Newfield NY, We went and helped our Son Ryan and his Fiance get things packed for moving to another house, And while we were there we found out they expecting a child in December,The next day we went and visited with our Son David Jr and his fiance and got to chat with our Grandson Korin, while Kimberly talked with Shay about My Son and Her Wedding in October. We went to a festival in Ithaca NY and listened to a band called NEO Project. They sure had the festival rocking and dancing. We also went to Americana Vineyard to listen to them a week later. Very good time had by us. We went to visit my Mom's Grave and spent just a few minutes because the bugs were terrible and biting. We have been doing a lot of videoing for our YouTube channel.

                   While we are moochdocking its been nice to take in the beautiful sunsets that they get here. Amazing and some are just down right breath taking. I have finally got the Smoothtalker Cell Signal Booster all wired in and it works awesome,Very Happy with it. We also made a Video of installing the snappads on the Motor Home, And we also made a Video of the Potable Briefcase Solar Panel from GoPower Solar. Please watch the videos of both installs. Make sure you subscribe if you haven't yet and comment and give us a thumbs up, Catch Ya On The Road

RV SnapPad install and 1st review S1 Vlo 35

Monday, June 4, 2018

travel, family, busy week for us

Hello Team, 

                   Well it was a busy week for us  We ended up leaving Lake Gaston Rv Resort a day earlier than we planned on, we decided to leave because of the partying around our coach by other people that were camping in the site next to us, So we decided to drive until dark and spend the night at a Flying J truck stop. It was a very hot night and was very hard to get much sleep, We both got maybe 3-4 hours of sleep.We woke up early the next morning and continued our drive toward Pennsylvania, The drive was a very beautiful country drive.

                  We arrived at our Niece's house around 4 pm that afternoon and set the motor coach up on there property. We had to be careful where we parked because of the wet ground because of all the rain they had got before we arrived. It was very nice visiting with them and being able to stay for awhile. We had dinner with them that evening, My Niece made Venison ,green bean and rice, It was very good since i dont really like venison..That Evening we had a Bon Fire in there back yard, A great time. Our Nephew and his girl friend stopped by and he was very surprised to see us.

                  The next day we went with our niece over to the farm they take care of and cut and bale the hay from the property. This farm had alpacas,Llamas,goats and baby goats, ducks and chickens. It . was a good time watching how much fun the baby goats were having. After leaving there we stopped and picked up chicken for dinner. After dinner we all went for a ride and were shown around different areas where they lived.. We spent time talking and saying good byes because we would be leaving the next day to go over to her sisters house.

                 We had a great time with the both of them it made it that much harder to leave. Around 2 the next afternoon we drove over to our other nieces house, We couldn't fit our Motor Coach in there driveway so we parked it at our nieces boy friends Grandfathers Farm. We can not Thank Them enough for letting us park our coach there.Our niece took us to her house and sat and talked for a hour or so until her boyfriend got home and she took us back to our coach. It was her Boy friends birthday so she was taking him out for dinner and too get pictures taken at the Church they attend.

                  The next day her boy friend gave us a tour of the farm he helps run and take care of, We got too see all the Farm Equipment they use in everyday operations of running the Farm. He is very busy with the work it takes to raise Angus cattle. We were able too see new born calves and the mommy's , After the tour our niece took us to Breakfast, Yummy, It was awesome, Then we went back to her house for the day. Our niece had to got to work at 4, So after spending a few hours with her and her daughter she took us back to our coach, We decided to start our Journey to New York after getting back to the coach. 

                   The drive on the Pennsylvania highways was interesting. The roads were in terrible condition. Holes,broken blacktop and concrete and also dips in the highways causing slow speeds.It was nice to see the highways in New York, The roads were in a little better shape than PA. We arrived at our daughters home around 8 :30 at night just before sunset. It was nice too see them and the kids. We will visit here for another week or so and then travel more, We are hoping for a chance to see our other Grandchildren. Make sure you Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven't  already . Also checkout our Amazon page , Catch Ya on The Road

Lake Gaston RV & Camping Resort Part 1 S1 V29

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Travel day from Swan Quarter NC to Roanoke Rapids NC, Lake Gaston NC S1 V28

Travel day from Swan Quarter NC to Roanoke Rapids NC 149 then from RV resort Carolina Cross Roanoke Rapids NC to Lake Gaston NC We arrived at the Thousand Trails RV Resort in Littleton NC.


Monday, May 28, 2018

Two weeks of R & R

Hello Team,

                    We have been at Lake Gaston RV  Resort now for 2 weeks and the first few days it rained almost everyday, We have been waiting for the pool  to open, I received a package from a Company called Mobile Communication , We made a video for our YouTube channel showing everything that was in the box. Then i placed the antenna on the roof and ran the coax in through the side of coach near the driver so we can install the booster on the wall near the coax. We need to have another 12 volt outlet to install to power the booster. We have been running several speed test of this booster with very good results. I have also been communicating with other Companies about testing there products.They will be talked about when and if they accept our offer.

                    I received a full set of pads for our Leveling Jacks from a Company Called Snappad, These are very solid heavy duty pad s made of rubber which attach to the leveling jacks and stay hooked to them, saving myself from having to crawl under the coach to place boards under the leveling jacks. I spoke with owner on the phone about having a hard time getting down and doing this and he sent me a set of the pads to use. I have not installed these pads yet , I will be doing a video for our YouTube channel when we get to Pennsylvania. 

                   We went swimming yesterday in the pool to cool after sun tanning, very refreshing. We will be leaving Sunday for the drive north to Pennsylvania. we are going to avoid Washington DC and Baltimore MD by taking back roads. We will be staying at our Nieces homes and then we will driving to Upstate NY to see our children and grand kids. So our next Blog will be from NY. I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day and let us not forget the men and women who gave there lives for us. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our videos.

smoothtalker install cell phone booster

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ferry Ocracoke NC to Swan Quarter NC S1 V26

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

10 RV Mistakes you need to to Avoid S1 V25

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ocracoke Island National Seashore Campground NC S1 V24

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Here we go!

Hello Team,

                   Well it has been a busy week with relaxing and excitement and learning. While we setting relaxing on the beach, a man was fishing up the beach from us and we noticed that he was reeling something in while being easy with the pulling and reeling of his fishing pole, He would walk close to the water crank his reel fast and then step backwards on the beach to help him bring what ever was on the end of his line, He then started following the fish or whatever it was down the beach towards us, other people fishing reeled in there lines so they wouldn't tangle with his, after about 35 minutes he finally got the 150 pound blacktip shark onto the beach, after pictures and removing the hook they helped the shark back into the water.

                  Another learning time trying to understand how to keep the batteries charged for the coach to use for lighting and using to run the water pump, i tried using my CPAP machine but the batteries would not last long enough, We left our camp site at Cape Point and drove South to take our Coach onto a Ferry to a small island called Ocracoke. It was about an hour and a half long ride to the island. we went and found our camp site and setup. nice area with large sandy beaches. After three days we were off for another Ferry ride to Swans Quarter. We had to be at the Ferry loading area in Ocracoke by 6:30 am to load onto the Ferry, It was a very smooth beautiful ride, The ride was 2 1/2 hours long. Upon arriving to Swans Quarter they unloaded all the vehicles , We drove to a Camp Ground RV Resort County Cross roads.It was very hot so we got a site to hookup to electric and cool off in the AC.

                  The next morning we drove for another 20 minutes to our next Campground called Lake Gaston RV Resort. We drove in and found the site we wanted and backed in , setup the Coach and then went and checked in. We will be here the next two weeks. We hope everyone on the team are fine and in good health, We want you to subscribe if you haven't already and watch our videos on team terry rving. Catch Ya On The Road

Monday, May 14, 2018

Shark blacktip OBX Season 1 V22

Fishermen Joe Cerino from CT pulled in this 150 lb blacktip shark on the OBX took him about 35 min then he released him back into the Ocean. the beaches at the Outer Banks wonderful.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Oh boy Brides to the OBX Season 1 V20

Traveling to the OBX and Asphalt Boondocking Season 1 V19

Thousand Trails The Oaks at point south SC Season 1 V18

Anastasia State Park FL- bird with fish in a tree- Season 1 V17

Week of learning

Hello Team  ,

                             Well it has been a very relaxed week so far here at Cape Point Campground, We have been riding our bikes around to the different spots, store and beaches..I had a very difficult time riding all the way to the store, It was 3 1/2 mile ride and another 3 1/2 miles back. So that meant a lot of stops for breaks. I am wondering if any bike company makes a comfortable seat, The one on my bike kills my but after about 5 minutes.

                             Another thing we are getting used to is saving electricity in our batteries. I use a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea and it draws the batteries down during the night. We plan on installing solar panels on the roof when we can afford the cost of the system. We have found that the Coach motor charges the house batteries better than the generator does. we do run the generator when we work on our computers or takes showers.


                            We will be at he our present location until Thursday and then we take the Ferry to Ocracoke to camp there for two nights. My next  Blog will include everything for our trip, from the Ferry ride to the camping. If you have not subscribed to our website please do and also subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy our videos. Thank You for reading and we will Catch Ya on the Road.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Windshield time

Hello From Team Terry,

                                    Well it has been a very busy week for Team Terry with all of the traveling we have done. We stayed at Tomoka State Park overnight and drove up A1A up to Flagler Beach State Park, What a beautiful drive it was traveling along side of the Atlantic Ocean, We had a beautiful campsite and we got to do some bike riding from our campsite to the beach which was about a 10 minute ride, My wife and i walked the beach together while she did some videos for our You Tube channel,, We spent two nights at this beautiful Park before driving north up A1A to Anastasia State Park in St.Augustine Florida for two nights. The site we had was in the wooded area with a lot of shade, We went on another bike ride from our site to the beach which is located inside the Park. We spent some time on the beach looking for shells and sharks teeth and a some photo taking.

                                 Our next traveling was north up I 95 to to The oaks of Point South,It was a nice drive with a lot more traffic than i had intended for a week day, When we finally got to our exit our GPS misdirected me again ,taking me to the wrong place, Thankfully the place had a large parking lot so we could turn the coach around, We found the street where i had to turn and made it to the Camp ground where we would be spending two nights. we did some laundry while here and got all rested up for our next travel day to Wilson North Carolina, where we spent the night in the RV parking at  the Flying J Truck Stop. When we woke up the next morning it was 38 degrees in the coach,brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. After thawing out some i walked into the truck stop and bought coffee for the two of us and proceeded back to the coach to get ready for our drive to the Outer Banks for our next couple of weeks of Camping.

                                Our drive to the Outer Banks was nice until we got to the first of three Bridges we had to cross to get to the Outer Banks, the first wasnt too bad except the cross winds that were blowing, I had a tight grip on the steering wheel because the wind wanted to blow the coach of the bridge. the second bridge was even worse because it was so High up that the wind was real strong and going off the bridge it was rough making the front of the coach to bounce up and down, And the third bridge was even worse because it only had one lane open to get across it and it was very tight, Well after having all the fun of the bridges, NOT, we drove south to Cape Point Campground which is a Federal Campground on Cape Hatteras, It has no hookups of any type here, we will be here for a week before taking a Ferry to our next Campground, Thank You for reading my blog and dont for get to subscribe to our website and subscribe to our YouTube Channel of team terry rving. Catch Ya on the Road

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sunday Morning

Hello Team Terry,  

                          Sunday morning at 10:30 we left our home in Brooksville Florida for the first leg of our East Coast Journey, Our first stop was in Port Orange Florida to see my Dad who is in a Assisted Living Facility, I wanted to say hi before leaving, I had a nice visit with him and we then drove to Tomoka State Park in Ormond Beach Florida, The street leading to the Park was not only narrow but had a lot of low trees overhanging the street, We checked in at the Ranger Station for the Campground and started for the campsite, The spot was very nice and clean, It was a very Tight spot to back into , My Wife Kimberly guided me into our spot with no problem.We got the coach leveled and then i hooked up the power and water, no septic here so no stinky slinky. 

                            While i was setting up my Wife took the dogs for a walk so they could go potty, After we had the coach all set up she made some late lunch for us. After lunch we went for a walk with the dogs around the campground area so they could get some exercise and enjoy the walk, This Campground is beautiful and quiet. We are only here for one night and then onto another spot tomorrow. Please share this blog and join our team if you haven't already.

Monday, April 16, 2018

We have been very busy preparing for our journey

Hello From Team Terry,

                                     We have been very busy preparing for our journey, I found out what was going on with the steps on the coach, i had to replace the floor that the steps are attached to, What a Pain this was, Of course i have a very mello (not) temper especially when you cut your head wide open from hitting it on the steps, I also reinforced the steps with braces to help with the strength of the steps support platform. We washed the Coach and got off all the dirt from the storage compound where it sat for a couple of weeks, Tried to wax and buff it but the wax sucks that i bought to do the job. We also fixed a section of the floor on the slide where it was not holding, We also put shelves in the cabinets over the bed, which saves a lot of room.

                                     Our next stressful job was to explore all the mail forwarding companies so we can get mail forwarded to us while on our journey, We ended up using a company called St. Brendan's Isle in Green Cove Springs Fl. We went to a Print Shack in Brooksville Fl and they made our lettering to put on the front and back of the coach, we also had some stickers made for the front side windows with Team Terry Rving on them. We had a fun time measuring and installing these on the coach, the Vlog will show the lettering . The days are flying by and we are very excited as well as our friends that have heard what we are doing. I hope if you see us on the road stop and say Hello, We appreciate all of the team. Until Next time Catch ya on the road.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Pre-check and organizing

Hello Team, We have been very busy going to the VA for Dave's Doctors Appt., we have been busy loading clothes into the coach, Kimberly has been busy organizing cabinets in the kitchen and bedroom in the coach, we have been checking the coach motor and all fluids and greasing all fittings.. we have had a problem with the steps, it bends down when you step on them, I found that the motor and drive system is loose under the coach, meaning when we get back home from the journey it will need to be fixed, until that happens we will put wood blocks under the steps to support them. Our Youtube channel has been slow taking off which we hope will get a lot more subscribers than we have now, We have been putting new videos on twice a week with what we have done and been busy doing, We have posted on our blog that we were starting our journey on April 25 , and now we are leaving the 23rd of April. We are both super excited about leaving and the journey from Florida to Maine. Make sure if you havent already to go to Youtube and subscribe to our channel. Have a Great Week and we will Catch Ya on the Road

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Week of Camping, visiting, loving on your Grandkids

Hello Team Terry Members, We have been busy working on the Coach getting ready for the East Coast trip, We took a short trip to the Orlando Resort in Clermont Fl to spend a week while our kids and Grand Children were visiting from Upstate New York, We figured it would be easier and closer to visit them more often. We had to make a couple of trips home due to Doctors appointments. We enjoy the Thousand Trails Campground Resort here, We enjoyed the hot tub for awhile to relax our old bones and muscles and get rid of the aches and pains. We were able to use the new composting toilet that we installed in the coach, We are very Happy with the decision to install a Natures Head Composting Toilet. We also were a lot more comfortable this trip due to us putting in the Rocking Recliners in place of the uncomfortable couch that we sat on the first few trips we made.I am getting used to the handling of the Coach as all RVers know you have to get use to. The biggest thing is the Safe operation of a RV., I know i get tired of keeping a safe distance from the Vehicle in front of me and everyone passing and cutting right in front of you, making you jam on the brakes. I cant believe that they cant see my coach as big as it is. We bought some vinyl flooring for the floor on the slide in the coach, During the camping trip it started to move and would not stay in place, We have made a decision to remove it and replace it with interlocking vinyl flooring. When we returned home on Wednesday evening it was nice to be home except for unloading everything for only a short time. We leave on April 25th for our 7 month trip on the East Coast. Florida to Maine. We are very excited to do this trip and the other trips we have planned. Please make sure to follow our trip as we start out on our adventure with the team, we have three cats,two dogs and two birds that we will have with us on our journey it is going to be fun watching the team adjust to traveling, Thank You Team Terry We just started up Patreon please join the team by seeing only seen on Patreon

Sunday, March 18, 2018

weekly news blog

Hello Team Terry , Its been a little time since my last blog, We have done several updates and improvements to the Coach, I made several calls to different tire sales companies to get prices for the coach tires, I finally had Suncoast Truck and RV install six new Toyo tires . Very good Company too buy from and very informative of tires. Next up was to remove the uncomfortable couch that was located in the slide area. i ended up cutting it into several pieces to get it out the door., after removing the carpet on the slide we installed new vinyl flooring. Next thing to be completed was to remove the large mirror on the wall at the head of the bed, it was attached to the wall with six screws and double sided tape.after we got it off we put wood grain vinyl flooring on the wall where the mirror was. then we removed the old toilet and installed the composting toilet in its place.We are presently getting ready and going to all of Dave's Dr Appts.before leaving on our trip up the East Coast,.we will be typing Blogs every Monday, so after reading this blog make sure you comment and watch our video's on youtube at teamterryrving.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Replacing the RV door window Season 1 V06

Maiden Voyage we survived Season 1 V05

Hello from Team Terry, Well i left off about having trouble with the back right leveling jack, I crawled under the coach and sprayed some lube on the exposed shaft on the jack.i did not test it after i did this until the morning we left, and it actually returned to the stowed position, I try to do the same things the same way every time we break down camp and get ready to leave. we really enjoyed the Jonathan Dickenson State Park , we drove through and looked at the two different bike trails they have made here at the campground, one is paved for a smooth ride and the other is a cross country rough and tough course, looked pretty cool with the jumps and high bank curves. we took the dogs for a nice walk and both were very well behaved, Mylaya is a wild women when bikes ride by, but they enjoyed the walk. we ended up spending 5 days there.We watched the rocket launch from our site, this never gets old. Wednesday was laundry day and then Thursday morning was our day to leave, We took a different route home and enjoyed the scenic views of our route. We spent the night in the Orlando Resort and got up the next morning and drove the rest of the way home. the drive home was awesome and we enjoyed our drive to our home, we stopped at our home and unloaded the kids back into the house before taking the coach to the storage area. Saturday I removed the sky light dome off the roof and Kimberly cleaned it before i put it back on the roof and sealed it up with dicor sealant. Then I did a check a walk around safety check on Sunday and when I checked the tires i found weather cracking that was not visible before i bought it, Just what we needed, I started to look on the internet for tires and the reason for the tires to weather crack like this. Michelin tires at there finest from every story I read about. Well this morning we were suppose to be leaving for Port St Joe to camp for four days, Well we did not go because the tires are not safe enough to drive with all the weather cracking.. So this morning I made several calls looking for the best price and tire as possible. I found 6 tires for an awesome price and have to get them put on. Then my Wife had her Laptop freeze up while she was editing, after 4 long hours on the phone we took it to Best Buy and they decided that the hard drive decided to die. 23 days old , i was a little upset about the 15 day return deal,. We made an appointment to speak with the Geeks, After all the bad news they ended up sending it out for a new hard drive and they were also saving all of our files and videos. Thank You Best Buy, Have an Awesome week everyone and I will catch you all later. Dave and Kimberly

Monday, February 5, 2018

1st night - week 1 camping - Oh Boy this is fun!

Hello Team Terry RVing team mates, We have been busy getting the coach ready to travel, we are making the coach feel like home and making it ours. We have installed new backsplash in the kitchen and Panting the valance behind the sink. We have also put up some decorative wall hangings. I had to do a small amount of electrical work on the rear lights. We drove the coach to our house to load it for our first trip, I have to say it took a lot longer to load the coach than I thought it would, never new we would need some many things. 3 hours later and many trips from the house to the coach and back we are ready to fire Pebbles up and hit the road for Orlando Resorts in Clermont Fl. Starting out seemed to be normal and getting used to the handling and braking of the coach. I felt comfortable after a few miles and was looking forward to getting to our first spot. After driving truck for many years I forgot how many people out there are in a big hurry to get to where they are going, two times I had to grab the brakes because of Idiots cutting in front of me or pulling out in front of me. I use some nice words which I think everyone uses when this happens. So we arrive at Orlando Resorts which is a Thousand Trails Camping Resort, I walk in and get registered and drive in to find a site for the night, we found a nice site and get leveled , I go out And hook up the water, and then electric, after seeing so many RV vlogs on YouTube about using the surge guard protector to protect the coach's electric system we purchased one and I am so glad we did, when I hooked it up to the power panel it showed that there was a open ground somewhere. I had to end up using the 30 amp service for the night. We slid out the slide and got ready for for our first dinner in the coach at the first campground for team terry rving. We went to bed awoke early for some reason, My wife made coffee and I took the dogs out to go potty and clean up afterwards, around 9:30 am we started to put everything way and secure it so it didn't fly out while driving, Kimberly brought the slide in and I brought the leveling Jack's up and retrieved my wood pads I made for under the Jack's. So , we are on our way out of the resort and a very nice older gentleman was running and screaming at us. So I stop and he let us know our TV antenna was still up. I am so glad he caught us,. We headed for our next stop which was Walmart, tight spots and tons of people everywhere, very large store, found everything I had a text for except vinegar. So we are finally heading for the spot we will spend the next week at. Very nice scenery during our drive, we went by the orange juice plant , it was huge,and a lot of orange groves nearby. Then I had my hands full, the wind started to blow very hard. It wanted to blow the. Coach off the highway, we finally reached Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound Florida. I was listening to the GPS and it said t was on the left and it was actually on the right. So another u turn. And back to the entrance to the park , I go in and check in and get our spot, drive right to the site and back in, beautiful raked site and clean, I mad another mistake by backing in and getting set up before noticing i was to close to the post that I couldn't open the slide. So when I went to retract the Jack's up the right rear would not move, so I had to crawl under the coach and help it retract. Well all worked out to our favor. Tomorrow I will be looking at it to see what's wrong with it. Thank You for reading my blog and leave a comment and also visit TeamtTerryRVing at YouTube and subscribe to our channel there and become a member of the team. we have several video's posted and we would appreciate you going along with us on our journey. Thanks Again Team Terry RVing - Dave and Kimberly

Monday, January 29, 2018

1st week of having the Coach

Hello Everyone, thought I would give everyone a update of our start of an adventure we have been planning for 2 years, we were tired of all the programs on TV and we decided to watch a youtube video about a couple rving full time, We were hooked about the possibility of doing the same thing before my Health became worse, We started watching all the video logs from this couple and found another young couple from Alaska who travel the whole winter in the Lower 48 states, So we started taking in all of the awesome information and learning what was needed to do this type of travel and living, We started getting information about free camping that is offered in the United States. We have learned that it is not as easy to just hook up and go with very little work. we shopped several Months and looked and drove several Motor homes before we finally decided on our motor coach, We purchased a 2000 Damon Ultra sport aka Pebbles, It is 35 !/2 foot long and is powered by a cummings diesel engine. we thought it was going to be an easy process to register and insure it for use, Wrong answer, the insurance quotes scared me and we already informed the man we would buy it. We ended up using our own insurance company that we have had for over 12 years and are very Happy with them, So our next stop was to register it, Well in Florida you have to have the VIN# on the title verified against the VIN# on the Coach if it is registered in another state other than Florida, We were going to drive back to the Motor Vehicle Department we use , but my Wife said that we should register it near the man's home we bought it from, Thankfully I actually listened to my Wife because I had to have the owner bring the Coach to the Motor Vehicle Department to be verified because it was registered in Wisconsin. So after spending over a thousand bucks we were the new owners of this Coach, I drove the Coach home, and it was a Joy learning to drive it, I kept driving in the other lane thinking I was in my own lane, We paid for a storage spot at the community we live in. We parked it in the storage compound and we decided that we needed new back splash and other upgrades done to the Coach. we tried doing the back splash first with vinyl flooring to do a wood look, strike one, didn't look good so back to Lowes we went to return the flooring and to purchase the back splash we currently have. We have spent a total of six hours working on it and only have one piece up, nothing seems to go smooth when trying to get the correct cuts. My Wife is painting the Valance's in the Coach so they meet our design idea's. So Far So Good. I wanted to put 2x10's under the wheels so it doesn't set in the sand all the time, So i told my Wife it was a good time to learn to drive the Coach, She was very nervous and said no, I showed her how to start the Coach and how to release the air parking brake and to use the brakes, She did an amazing job driving it forward and the backing it up onto the blocks I made for it to set on. We took the Coach to a glass shop yesterday so they can replace the glass on the entrance door because it was very clouded up due to it leaking over the years. They called me this morning to let me know they had to order new glass for it because the original glass became etched and not very clear. i told them to order the new glass and they said they would put the old glass back in so we can use it for a week or so while waiting for the new glass to come in. We also still have to complete the backsplash and painting still so at the least we will get to camp a few days before we have to take it back for the new glass. We are very excited about our new adventure and are planning to travel up the East Coast and doing Vlogs on youtube and we would appreciate it if everyone would subscribe to our channel of teamterryrving on youtube to watch our adventure, Our video's are going to be real life, no practicing or scripts, there will be mistakes and other problems in our videos but this is real life, We hope you all follow along and enjoy. Don't forget To Subcribe and join the team, Thank You Dave and Kimberly from teamterryrving

Thursday, January 25, 2018

We did it!

Hello Everyone, it's been awhile since we have checked with everybody, we have been planning on purchasing an RV and to start traveling around the Country. Well we purchased a 2000 Damon UltraSport which is a diesel pusher. We have been busy getting the RV set up for our likes of what and how we want it. We are doing a video of what we have done and it is a true video.we feel people want the real teamterryrving, We are hoping that our YouTube channel grows with the videos , If you have friends tell them to check out our page. We are real excited about the traveling we are going to do and all the learning and growing that's ahead of us. Thank You for your support and we will be updating our Facebook page daily so you can follow along, If your not part of the team join and subscribe to our YouTube channel and become a team player . The YouTube channel is teamterryrving. Thank You from teamterryrving.